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MCG Launch Day June 24, 2021.

The Journey Forward

My name is Melody, I'm the artisan of MCG candles & such. MCG candles & such was born from the search on "how to make a candle". Interest for other means of comfort, relaxation and everyday essentials developed as well. Aromatherapy, Bath salts, body butters, soaps, Bath Bombs, hand sanitizers, wax melts and so much more was researched, studied and tested.


Christmas 2018, I received a gift set of fragrances and essential oils. Those oils opened my senses to a new world. The passion in learning how to make handmade products using natural and cosmetic grade ingredients grew. It became my comfort zone. The idea to make one candle to light for my son's disappearance, grew into a way to continue to spread awareness that Missing Lives Matter Too. Each handmade product that is made, is made with love, hope and passion. MCG candles and such is dedicated to Marlo Christopher Gulley, his story built this journey.

 Candles for Chris
Forget Me Nots, Candle melts, wax melts,missing person, Marlo Gulley, MarloChris Gulley

Follow the journey and join us in our "Forget Me Not" flyer distribution for Chris. "Forget Me Nots" are handmade heart shaped fragrant wax melts in a variety of unspecified quality fragrances. They are affixed to Chris' flyer and distributed as a remider that he is loved, he is missed and to remember that he is still missing. We welcome you to embark on the journey with us in our outreach effort as we continue to spread the word and light a candle to Find Marlo Chris Gulley. 

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